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Foxconn iAI provides intelligent industrial products, solutions, and e-learning to enable digital transformation in companies, resulting in optimized processes and enhanced business value. Our expertise in the industrial domain will help you save money by reducing work, worry, and waste.


Rafiki AI Products

By Foxconn iAI


Rafiki FOLO

Folo improves worker efficiency, decreases defects, and saves you money on training costs by making work instructions for human operators smart.

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Optimo improves worker safety, decreases production time, and optimizes processes by identifying inefficiencies in the factory.


Rafiki SoQ™

SoQ™ provides rapid alerts and recommendations by using acquired big data from across the factory.


Foxconn iAI Institute

Your One-Stop Industrial E-Learning Platform

Online Courses

Narrated online courses that can be completed at your own pace.

Data Foundry

Practice coding with curated datasets from across industrial domains.


Participate in challenges to showcase your talents while learning new skills.




Foxconn iAI Announces First Data Challenge

July 24, 2020

Industrial AI Data Challenge is an open data competition hosted by Foxconn iAI Institute. Data scientists of all experience levels can register and develop solutions to real-world industrial problems.

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