The Story of Foxconn iAI

Our mission is to create a world where smart solutions simplify work, reduce worry, and eliminate waste.

At Foxconn iAI, we like to call ourselves the “manufacturing problem solvers”.

Every day, our employees work alongside manufacturing production to solve specific problems in industry, develop intelligent products, and create value for you.

Foxconn iAI offers products, solutions, and E-Learning to the community to assist with the transformation from traditional manufacturing to Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Our product line, Rafiki AI uses AI technology to augment the workforce on the factory floor. The Foxconn iAI Institute, our E-Learning platform prepares the workforce with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to succeed in a smart manufacturing environment.

Foxconn iAI is engineering a smarter world where worry free manufacturing is a reality.

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The Story of Foxconn

Established in 1974, Foxconn Technology Group ("Foxconn") is a leading technology provider that has leveraged its expertise in software and hardware to integrate its unique manufacturing systems with emerging technologies.

By capitalizing on its expertise in Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, IoT, Big Data, AI, Smart Networks, and Robotics/Automation, Group has expanded capabilities in four key technologies – Data, Platform, and The company has research centers and testing laboratories internationally and has received more than 83,500 patents worldwide. In addition to maximizing value creation for customers, Foxconn is also dedicated to enhancing the concept of environmental sustainability in the manufacturing process and serving as a best-practices model for global enterprises.

In 2018, Foxconn achieved US$175 billion in revenue and has received an array of international accolades and recognitions. The company was ranked 23rd in the Fortune Global 500 rankings in 2018 and 215th in the Forbes ranking of the World's Best Employers that year. In 2019, the company was ranked 21st for Sales and 123rd overall in the Forbes Global 2000.

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Meet Foxconn iAI’s Executive Team


Dr. Jay Lee

Board Member and Vice Chairman of Foxconn

Since joining Foxconn, Dr. Jay Lee has made an immense impact on the company. Dr. Lee is the founder of Foxconn iAI division, the Dean of the Foxconn iAI Institute, and Board Member and Vice Chairmen of Foxconn Technology Group.

Dr. Lee is widely known in the manufacturing community as an Ohio Eminent Scholar in advanced manufacturing, founder of the Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS) center, and senior advisor at McKinsey & Company.

In July 2018, Prof. Lee officially established the world’s first Industrial AI center. The center was established in order to convey a new idea to everyone in the field of manufacturing: “When there is enough AI software and data, the focus of our research should not be on the algorithm itself but on how to make Industrial AI work with our industrial systems.”

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Lee has engaged in the production, teaching, and research of intelligent manufacturing and industrial big data in the United States.

Dr. Lee has laid a solid foundation for AI’s introduction to industrial manufacturing with evident achievements and experience accumulated during his career.

Keyi Sun

Head of Foxconn iAI

"Advanced manufacturing, supported by Industrial AI, is going to revolutionize how manufacturers compete in the global economy, upgrade skills, create jobs, and onshore business to the United States." - Keyi Sun

Dr. Keyi Sun has brought extensive Industry 4.0, Industrial AI, and engineering knowledge to Foxconn. Dr. Sun is received her Ph.D. degree in engineering from North Carolina State University.

When Dr. Sun joined Foxconn, she led the development of Foxconn’s “Lights-Out-Factory” and the training for the Foxconn Lighthouse Academy.

After great success, Dr. Sun co-founded the Foxconn iAI division with Dr. Lee to deliver Industrial AI solutions to manufacturers to reduce the amount of work, worry, and waste.

Additionally, Dr. Sun is the Associate Dean with the Foxconn iAI Institute with the vision to bridge the skills gap and provide industrial training to companies across the globe.

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