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Smart work instructions powered by AI


FOLO helps workers get the job done right the first time

Human workers perform 90% of tasks, even after digitalization and automation. We created FOLO an AI-powered product that guides workers systematically through smart work instructions. One missed instruction can result in a costly product defect for your enterprise.


Paper instructions are outdated, and memorizing standard operating procedures (SOPs) is difficult for workers. With FOLO, learning new instructions is easy, job rotation is efficient, and product quality increases.


The data collected from FOLO provides detailed information about worker operations and processes.


FOLO turns data into insights to help you optimize operations, improve quality, and increase productivity.


FOLO requires no coding

FOLO reduces the stress and time commitment of coding complicated SOPs. You don’t need to be a data scientist or a programming expert to use FOLO. With FOLO composer, you can easily create your SOP by dragging and clicking. Save time with FOLO.


FOLO reduces training time

In an enterprise, there are hundreds of SOPs for workers to learn. Instead of retraining a worker each time they rotate stations or lines, FOLO makes learning new work instructions quick and easy. With FOLO, workers can learn instructions on the spot with clear step-by-step instructions, visualizations, light indications, and agile picking.

FOLO empowers your workers

When product defects occur due to a worker missing an assembly step, it affects both the enterprise and the worker's confidence. With FOLOs easy to follow instructions, it reduces the chance for mistakes. Improving product quality will empower your workers, increase their job satisfaction, and save you money.


How FOLO Works


FOLO Composer

Quickly create and edit SOPs using our AI software. As your enterprise grows, SOPs created with FOLO are easy to scale.

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FOLO Mentor

Ensure work performance with step-by-step instructions in real-time.

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AI-triggered instructions reduce the chance of missed steps and product quality problems.

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Work Insights

Using AI and big data, you receive insights on how to best optimize your processes.

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Agile Picking

Our responsive picking assistant ensures that workers pick the right part in the right order.


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