Save money by optimizing your processes


OPTIMO helps you
optimize human work processes

OPTIMO is an AI powered solution that helps you improve human efficiency and processes in the workplace. By using AI motion detection, OPTIMO provides you with visualizations of the activities at each workstation. AI combined with big data clearly identifies where there are inefficiencies and how processes can be improved.

OPTIMO helps you avoid


Slow assembly times

Product quality problems

An unsafe workplace

Inefficient processes

High worker training costs


OPTIMO improves worker efficiency

With OPTIMO, it’s easy to compare the efficiency of processes between employees and across the entire enterprise. Using AI and big data, OPTIMO provides visibility into which workers complete tasks the fastest with the best quality to improve process times of other employees, which processes are take too long and how you can adjust the production layout to save time, and which processes are most optimal so that you can train workers in a data driven way.


OPTIMO grows with your company

OPTIMO is a scalable AI software that grows with your company. As your operations change and expand, OPTIMO can easily modify your pipeline. You don’t even need coding experience to make changes. However, there is a coding option for advanced users who want model customization.

OPTIMO is simple to use

You don’t need to be a data scientist to use AI. With OPTIMO, you can quickly generate time and motion studies with our no-code AI software. When you’re ready to begin your study, OPTIMO’s interactive interface makes it simple to create various studies for different operations. OPTIMO takes invisible human operations data and makes it visible, in a smart way.


How OPTIMO Works

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Connection and Stream

With one-click, you can stream videos of worker movements, motions, and processes in real-time.

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Time and Motion


Our no-code AI software makes it quick and easy to conduct time and motion studies.

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AI accelerates the time and motion study process by efficiently collecting and analyzing data.

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The data collected is analyzed using AI to provide insights. It’s never been easier to optimize processes in the workplace and achieve next-level excellence.


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