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Rafiki SoQ™


Easy to label, describe, analyze and trace product quality

SoQ™ is an AI-powered tool that uses a systematic procedure to trace the quality of products. With the use of AI, SoQ™ labels and saves product quality data in a fixed blockchain like a stream. SoQ™ provides insights into production processes, analysis of production issues, and the trace of product quality.

Save quality information

Uncover hidden relationships in your data

Improve product quality

Reduce production waste


How SoQ™ Works


SoQ™ Edge

Smart data acquisition system to collect data from machines, cameras, and sensors.

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SoQ™ Data Acquisition Studio

Graph-based environment to build data acquisition streams.

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SoQ™ Data Analysis Studio

Develop your data analysis pipeline with prebuilt applications.

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SoQ™ Dashboard Studio

Build your own dashboard to trace the product quality.


SoQ™ Use Case

SoQ™ is deployed on a server board production line in a Foxconn plant in North America to reduce the defect rate.

Smart Data Acquisition

SoQ™ uses to acquire data from the product testing machine to draw a quality heat map. SoQ displays the quality distribution.

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AI Data Exploration

SoQ™ correlates the quality heat map with the data from the socket machine. SoQ™ reveals the material inspection tolerance is too loose to screen out the defective materials.

Smart Recommendations

SoQ™ recommends tightening the tolerance to filter out the defective materials.

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Worry Free Manufacturing

After implementing Rafiki SoQ™ on the Foxconn production line, the defect rate of the server boards was reduced. SoQ™ used data to gather insights to determine how to best optimize processes. SoQ™ saved Foxconn time, money, and resources and is the future of worry-free smart manufacturing.


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